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Carlos Barreira

Carlos Barreira was born in 1945 in Chaves, Portugal, and moved to Porto in 1967. He completed the course of Sculpture at the School of Fine Arts of Porto in 1973, and between 1977 and 2009 he was a professor at that school. In addition to dedicating himself to sculpture, he also works in the areas of design and graphic arts and develops projects as a set and costume designer. Combining different materials, such as stone, wood, polyester, iron or steel, Carlos Barreira creates sculptures that almost always have a playful, dynamic and open character, both in relation to the space where he works in and, sometimes, to the very reaction of the public to them. The Bulideiras series, of which his sculpture for the 2nd International Symposium on Contemporary Sculpture of Santo Tirso in 1993 is part of, is one of the series that has occupied him the most: begun in 1984-85, they are stone sculptures with a movable upper part resting on a rectangular base that are inserted in the landscape in such a way as to be oriented towards the “mother stone”, a natural stone located near Chaves.