The Northern Regional Directorate for Culture (DRCN) is the promoter of the Portuguese Network of Contemporary Art in the Northern Region, in partnership with the Museums and Art and Architecture Centers that make up the Network.

The Northern Regional Directorate for Culture is a devolved body of the Ministry of Culture and develops its activity to safeguard, preserve, restore and communicate – to different types of public – the values ​​of material and immaterial culture existing in the region. This work is developed in articulation with the different agents in the territory, such as the institutions of the central administration existing in the region, the local authorities, the ecclesiastical institutions, the educational institutions, the associations, among others.

The extent of competences and the in-depth knowledge of the Region give the Northern Regional Directorate for Culture an integrated view of the cultural sector. Thus, while respecting the specificities of each area of ​​intervention, the articulation between cultural heritage, museums and artistic production is promoted so as to leverage available resources and create mutually enriching relationships.

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