Jaime Isidoro

Jaime Isidoro was born in Porto, Portugal. Considered the “father” of the Cerveira International Art Biennales, he was artistic director of six editions of the event (1978-1984 and 1992). He studied Drawing and Painting at the Soares dos Reis School of Arts in Porto and had his first solo exhibition in 1945. In parallel with his career as a painter, he was also a cultural manager, gallery owner and teacher, being directly associated with important moments in the visual arts in Portugal. He promoted the “Encontros Internacionais de Arte” [International Art Meetings] in the 1970s, edited the “Revista de Artes Plásticas” [Visual Arts Magazine], which had the collaboration of leading Portuguese critics and artists, and showed a particular interest in innovative cultural projects. In 1954, Jaime Isidoro and António Sampaio created the Dominguez Alvarez Academy.